Kidderminster Black Hummer Limo

The Black Coiffed Hummer Limo seats 16 people and has a distinctive unique look inside. The Black Hummer Limo comes with laser lights, Neon glowing Lights, and Optic Fibre Lighting built inside a mirror on the ceiling. The interior is in perfect condition. When booking this Black Hummer Limo not only we will give you the experience of a life time we will also give bottles of champagne and balloons for what ever the occasion. 

The Black Hummer is almost 35 feet long and weighs nearly 3 ton. Many Hummer Limousines are seen on the Uk roads more and more each day where as before you would rarely see a normal Stretched Lincoln. Why not book this huge Black Hummer Limo to go from Kidderminster to Northampton for a wicked night out. Northampton is the hometown of the Rugby Saints and has a good population for night life. Why not try Nb's 25-29 Bridge Street, Northampton NN1 1NS. The Nb's bar is an exciting socializing bar that is open very late. We can pick you up from Kidderminster and take directly to Nb's doors and if you want return you back home.

Kidderminster Black Limo Hire